Best Scramble Ever and Smoothie Treats

So, as I've said before, I only use eggs from chickens I know.  They come from my mother-in law, and those are some happy and spoiled chickens.  So,  I was watching The Chew the other day and Mario Batali was talking about how he makes scrambled eggs.  So, I watched and I learned the best way, and the only way I'll ever make them again.

It's super easy, but the result is way better than what I've been doing, and maybe this is nothing new here.  Just new to me.

So, in a bowl I add however many eggs I need, a little non dairy unsweetened milk, some herbs, and some cheese if you want.  Other than the milk, what you put in is your choice.  So, then whisk it of course, but once you put the mixture in the pan keep whisking until they are done!  Makes them awesome, less eggy, and amazing in taste and texture.  Salt and pepper to taste of course.  Above I had mushrooms and spinach in the pan before I added the eggs. So good, try it next time you make up some scrambles!

Okay so smoothies...
I saw online that you can freeze coconut milk, you know that comes in a can not a carton.  So, I had some frozen and i put it in the blender along with frozen bananas, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa, tiny agave, and a dash of cinnamon.  Then used some drinking vanilla coconut milk just to blend to the right consistency.  Oh my yumminess!!   It's so good.  The frozen coconut milk makes it taste like a shake.  I've done this with fresh blueberries, and blackberries and strawberries as well.  You can add some kale of spinach and flax seed oil for some extra healthy and you don't even taste it.  Start out with just a little.  The baby loves them all!
So, freeze a can of full fat coconut milk in ice cube trays and add to your next smoothie!!

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