Lettuce and Plantain Hummus Wraps

Okay, so yumminess to the max right here!  Tasty goodness you will love!  I can't get enough of these little tortillas and lettuce wraps.  They are simple to customize, and make any lunch healthy and quick.

Let's get to it!

Check my recipe HERE for the plantain tortillas, or if you want just use lettuce.  I used a combination this time.  Any solid lettuce will do.  Here I used romaine, but you could use collard greens, swiss chard, kale etc...  The options are endless!

I kept things really simple, and didn't even make my own hummus.

Just chop up a bunch of veggies you like and layer it all up!  I added sriracha to mine because it's awesome!



Plantain tortillas or lettuce
Chopped veggies I used carrots, onions, peppers
squeeze of lime optional
Sriracha for spiciness