Herbed Alfredo and Veggie Pasta

You know it's a successful night when both kids eat dinner, and the three year old thanks me two minutes into the meal! 

Of course one child is eleven months old, and will eat about anything, but I'm going to call it a win!

This was very easy and fast especially if you have the time to chop the veggies and herbs in the morning or even the night before. If so you're looking at a half hour or less. And if you are making this for nonchild humans you shouldn't have to mince everything like I did. I just find they're more likely to eat tiny veggies compared to big ones. I never lie to them about what's in the food though, I find that counterproductive for life.

So, unlike most alfredo recipes I used almond milk and vegan butter. This makes the sauce not as heavy, but still tasty!! Like real tasty!  This turned out really well, I was very pleased with it. On to the important part... Also I rarely measure so sorry.

1 zucchini minced
1/2 cup of mushroom minced
1/2 cup fresh spinach minced
Fresh thyme, basil, parsley, oregano minced. Mine was about 1/4 cup altogether
1/2 cup vegan butter
1 cup almond milk
1 cup plus Parmesan
1 lemon
Salt, pepper, garlic powder
1/2 ish box of mini bowtie pasta

Saute veggies on medium low with salt and pepper until tender. About 5-7 minutes. Then add spinach and squeeze a little lemon over the spinach to get rid of any bitterness. Cook for one more minute then set aside. Also, heat the butter and milk in a small saucepan while boiling water for pasta as well.

Make pasta as directed. Once butter is melted add about 3/4 cup of cheese and then add juice from half the lemon and a dash of garlic powder. Stir and add salt pepper and more cheese to taste. Sauce is ready once cheese is melted and everything is all mixed together.  Drain pasta. Pour sauce over veggies and the amount of pasta you want back into a pot all together.  I like to squeeze extra lemon once I plate it and extra cheese of course. Eat it!


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