Hate to call it a diet but

So, today starts my kind of diet.

I've been baking way to many delicious cupcakes lately.  Yeah they're vegan, but they are still loaded with sugar and fat so, my husband and I are basically going to be eating only fruit, and vegetable, and rice and some beans.

I'm not cutting out caffeine though, that is crossing the line.

Today so far I've had two cups of coffee and a bowl full of grapes and half a banana that I shared with my baby.

I plan to have a  fresh cranberry smoothie with left over cranberry that I froze from Thanksgiving.  I'll probably post the recipe.

I'm going to use the cranberries, some frozen bananas,  some lemon juice and maybe some coconut yogurt and some vanilla and maybe non dairy milk to blend it.

We'll see how that goes.

I'm also going to make veggie fried rice  and an asainish salad with broccoli slaw and raw cashews and some other things.

I've been eating a lot during the day, when the baby is sleeping and then with her again when she has lunch.  And then there's the late night treats.  So,  even though most of what I eat is healthy and vegetarian and even vegan, I've been over doing it.  And haven't felt great for the last few weeks.  I know I need to amp up my excercise routine as well.  I'm trying to add more cardio.  I'm open to advice if anyone has any in regards to easy workouts or food advice.

So, we'll see how this week goes.
My husband and I pre-partied with wine and fancy cheeses Saturday night knowing we wouldn't be doing that for awhile and since the holidays are here I'm sure I'll be indulging again soon!

Good luck me, and anyone who is attempting the same

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  1. I want to help with your no diet-diet. Every time you get the urge to bake, call your mom and she will come over to get the baked goods and take them home!!! And get to see you & baby Daphne at the same time. With the holidays coming you must not stop baking!!