Cute Nail Gradient Tutorial

This is a super easy and cute pink and silver nail tutorial.  I imagine Jem doing this to her nails. You know from Jem and the Holograms?!  Yeah, I love that show, and my daughter watches it.  Okay, anyway here it is.
Here are the polishes I used, plus a clear topcoat that's not pictured

From left to right Sinful Colors: Purple Diamond, Folly, Dream On.  I also used a silver glitter nail art.
This is the order I did the gradient also. Lightest to Darkest.

Cut a sponge to about nail sized, swipe on first color and start at base of nail and cover well.  It will get all over your nail, but just clean it up later

This is the purple diamond, it's very sheer but adds nice shimmer to the whole look.

Then do the next color overlapping and covering a little more of the nail

Use the same sponge.  I got all these colors at the drugstore. I think they were a dollar.

Then do the last color.
Then do the same thing with your silver except just sponge on lightly near the cuticle.

Then, add a clear topcoat.  Soak your hands in water to dry and break up the mess. Once dry clean up with a qtip and polish remover.

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