Neutral Ombre Nails and Bachelorette Party

I used a nude opi color and a yellow nail art.  This look requires some layering and a little work, but looks really good if you take the time.
Start by applying your nude base coat and allowing it to dry.
Then, apply your yellow color to a sponge thats cut small so it doesn't make too big of a mess on your hands. Then, just apply it from one side to the other.
Then you need to layer.  So, you will get another sponge and dip it in some nude color and start layer on where the nude already is and overlapping the yellow a bit. This creates the gradient effect.  Do this with the yellow and then again with the nude.  You don't have to let the polish dry for this.
Once you are done put on a few coats of a shiny topcoat!  Then, just dip a q tip in polish remover to clean it all up.  That's it! Lasts a long time and looks really good!

So, my bachelorette party was so fun!
Here's me and my beautiful momma..
I had some yummy vegetarian food at an Asian restaurant

Then went to a comedy club and a nightclub, it was a great night!

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