Zucchini Squash Basil Noodles

Really easy and yummy!  Baby and I loved them.
Okay, I haven't blogged in a few weeks because we have had internet issues.  Oh yeah, and we got married last weekend!  I'll be posting some pics, it was a beautiful day, and I got to marry my best friend! I know a lot of people say that, but he really is my best friend and yeah he will admit it.

Just get some yummy looking yellow squash and Zucchini and peel them lengthwise until you get to the seeds.
Then, toss with olive oil and some fresh grated garlic.  Steam or boil like noodles for 5 or so minutes.  You want them soft, but not falling apart.
Finally, put back in the original bowl and add some freshly chopped basil and a little salt and pepper. Toss, and Enjoy!!

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